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A little bit about Me:

I have been crocheting for about forty years and I am still amazed with the versatility of what we can create with just a hook and some thread/yarn.
I have probably crocheted a little of everything in my time.
From clothes, accessories, baby items, afghans, tablecloths, bedspreads, toys and anything else you can think of.
I get great satisfaction designing, both my Crocheted Beaded Purses and anything crochet.
Doilies in particular. My favorite type of crocheting is anything with thread.
I love making doilies, Irish crochet pieces, my beaded purses. and small novelty items done in thread, such as pincushions, edgings, and doll dresses.
Thread fascinates me as the stitches are what carries the piece.  I also find filet work intriguing.
I really enjoy being able to create designs with just open and closed spaces. Seem like the possibilities are endless. Overall, I Love the fact that with nothing more than a piece of string and hook we can make the most intricate and beautiful pieces of art.
It's literally making something from nothing. Adding beads adds a whole new realm of possibilities Designing has added a new aspect to crocheting for me.
I absolutely love watching an idea take shape and substance. I truly love the challenge of making an idea work. Give me a hook, some thread and I am happy. See I am very easy to please.

Contact Information:
Kathryn White 
Crochet N Beads 
201 Honor Heights Dr.
Muskogee, OK 74401
Phone: (253) 970-5973

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