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Free Patterns
These Patterns are all My Original  Designs
Free Downloadable Patterns
My free pattern links may be posted on other sites, as long at it is acknowledged that the the pattern came from

These Patterns Require Adobe Reader


My hair is so fine it doesn't hold most bun covers and such. But with Summer upon us I really needed something to get some of my hair off my neck. This is my solution.

Free Snood Pattern


Super Simple Shawl

This pattern is for a very simple to make shawl. The yarn you use and the trim can make it either very practical or very elegant. It works up quickly and easily There are two versions to this pattern. Both versions are covered in the pattern.
Super Simple Shawl


Winsome Blue Scarf
A lacy looking scarf that is simple to make. The pattern works up quickly and
is uncomplicated.
Winsome Blue Scarf

Midnight Swan Book Marker

One night in the wee small hours of the night I woke up with the overwhelming need to create this bookmarker.
Now I am not into bookmarkers, But I knew what I wanted and how it could be done. So I did a very simple form and went back to bed. Got up the next morning and did the final just Boom. No Frogging not guessing. It was just there. So I decided I needed to share this one with everyone
Midnight Swan Bookmarks


Butterfly Bookmarkers

These Butterfly bookmarkers are a nice little something for yourself or to give. They work up quickly. There is a beaded version included in the pattern.
Butterfly Bookmarkers Pattern


Tissue Tote Pattern

Tissue covers for individual pocket tissues. Nothing fancy or wild here but fun to make. It has a button closure to keep your tissues where they belong.  It is done in size 10 thread in any color combination you desire. I used a size 7 1/65mm Hook The leaves are just crocheted directly onto the cover.
Hope you enjoy this Pattern.

Tissue Tote Pattern


Undercover Bookmarker
This is a pattern for a simple little bookmarker. It has a lacey appearance yet is quite sturdy. I have supplied instructions for it to be done in both size 10 thread and size 20 thread. It measure approximately  9 inches long.
I named it undercover bookmarker because
what better place for a bookmarker than under the cover of a book
Hope you enjoy this pattern.

Undercover Bookmarker


Spicy Rose Afghan Square 

This is a simple design I wish to share with everyone.
The one thing I do like about this design is there is no sewing together of squares.
I hate doing that and all of my designs are designed to be attached as you go.
Makes a nice take along piece as you can do motifs on the go up to the final rnd and then bring them home to attach to the actual afghan with the final rnd.

Hope you enjoy.

Spicy Rose Afghan Square


City Cat Bookmarker

This is a fun little pattern that works up quickly. Make one for the cat lovers in your life

City Cat Bookmarker

Christmas Teddy Bear Bookmarker

For anyone that loves a Teddy Bear

This Bookmarker is quick and easy to make

Christmas Teddy Bear Bookmarker


Beaded Ornament covers.

Designed to fit over the top of most 2  5/8 ornaments. It is done in crochet with the fringe crocheted directly into the piece. There are two basic designs and one variation. Hope you enjoy.

Beaded Ornaments Cover


Breaded Rope

I am offering you the opportunity to download one of my patterns.  This is a simplified version of my patterns. All information needed to complete the projects are included. Remember when you print up the pattern you want to do it in the best quality possible or the charts will not be as easy to read.
This pattern is for eight crocheted rope patterns. Done in both slip stitch and single crochet.

Beaded Ropes



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